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Bev Thomas paints directly from nature in New England, Colorado and where the call of the wild beckons. She enjoys being outside messing around with color, form and content. Paintings often start with a watercolor sketch, several drawings and photos. Once in the studio or under shelter she starts painting in oil or acrylic and reinterprets the source material. This often takes many revisions and cups of tea to get to the soul of the painting. Her goal is to take the viewer to this transcending view of place.

Bev Thomas
Denver, CO

Acrylic 30"x40"

Blue Trees
Acrylic 24"x36"

Quiet Place
Acrylic 20"x20"

Beach Party
Acrylic 12"x12"

Black Paint
Acrylic 20"x20"

Blue Flow
Acrylic 16"x20"

Boat Meadow
Oil 12"x12"

Boat Meadow 1
Oil 12"x12"

Parker Woodlands
Acrylic 18"x24"

Acrylic  18"x24"

Noon Waves
Acrylic 12"x12"

In the Rocks
Acrylic 12"x12"

Acrylic/Canvas 30"x30"

The Source
Acrylic 20"x20"

Winter's Garden
Acrylic 24"x30"

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